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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

March 23, 2020

Wellspring Family Practice Pandemic Response

WellSpring Family Practice takes our role as your Primary Care Provider seriously. We are continuing to provide essential services to our patients during this COVID-19 Pandemic. We have implemented many important procedures to see that each and every patient continues to get ongoing and urgent care that they need. An important aspect of this policy is to maintain a “Wellness Center” posture with respect to our facility and staff which is intended to maximize our service to our patients and community. Following are some of our guiding goals and efforts to assist you:

  1. Ongoing health and wellness of our patients, staff and community.
  2. Minimize infection and transmission of COVID-19
    1. Follow CDC guidelines for prevention and risk mitigation.
    2. Keep up with state, national and global status of COVID-19.
    3. Assist the Josephine County Health Department by making routine Morbidity Reports for high risk cases and requests for testing..
    4. Refer all high-risk presenting patients for testing at JCHD and Commercial testing sites..
    5. Posting important information at our web site and Facebook site for WellSpring Family Practice – visit us there..
  3. Keep the WellSpring Family Practice campus free of COVID-19 infection by:
    1. Locking front door and posting signs for "Do Not Enter Building" if you are at risk..
    2. Screening all patients/visitors to WellSpring Family Practice per CDC recommendations.
    3. Following CDC guidelines for social distancing and handwashing.
    4. Using Personal Protective Equipment for staff and patients to limit exposure..
    5. Advise 14day quarantine for patients and staff who have had credible exposure or symptoms of COVID-19.
    6. Limit exposure to unnecessary individuals on WellSpring Family Practice campus.
  4. Continue with necessary routine care including:
    1. Annual medication renewal visits for safety and efficacy of treatment plans.
    2. Mid-year medication safety and efficacy review.
    3. Mid-year Annual Wellness Visits and Preventive health.
    4. Well Child Care including Development, Growth, Immunizations.
    5. Prenatal Care including routine scheduled visits, evaluations and ultrasounds.
  5. Address Urgent and Primary Care needs and access by:
    1. Avoiding UCC and ER visits during regular office hours.
    2. Provide 24x7 telephone nurse and provider access for essential questions.
    3. TeleVideo Conferencing for high risk patients including those over 70years of age or for those that are concerned about infection or exposure to COVID-19.
    4. Parking Lot Visits for those that screen positive for COVID-19 risks.

WellSpring Family Practice is grateful to our patients and community for the opportunity to serve you at this time. We know this time is difficult for everyone. We hope you will accept these good will efforts at serving you over the next few weeks as this pandemic ripens. We expect that our efforts at this time will make us stronger and better providers for you even after the pandemic has ended.

WellSpring Family Practice asks for your prayers as we continue hold ourselves out for your care. We will constantly hold you and your family up for health and wellness.


Jon Edwin Lloyd Ermshar, MD
President/Founder of WellSpring Family Practice